Be aware of the most dangerous roads in Connecticut

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If you and your family drive around Connecticut, chances are you will use U.S. highways and interstates. Thus, you want to be aware that some of those roads are the most dangerous routes in the state.

A recent analysis by A Secure Life listed the top three roads in each state where fatalities occurred.

Highway 6 and two interstates are the most dangerous

In Connecticut, U.S. Highway 6, which crosses the state, topped the list of most deadly roads. During the three years of the study, 24 fatalities occurred on this road. A particularly dangerous section is the eastern portion that continues into Rhode Island.

Interstate 95, along the southern border of the state, ranked second in the study with 22 reported deaths. Interstate 91, which spans the center of the state from north to south, totaled 20 fatalities.

Here are the steps to take in the event of an accident

While fatal collisions make news, there are far more crashes in which no one dies. Often, these incidents do not even involve injuries. Regardless of its severity, should you experience the misfortune of an accident, there are certain important steps to take:

  • Verify your safety and that of others involved in the accident
  • Move out of the way of traffic
  • Contact the police
  • Acquire contact details and insurance information
  • Obtain information from witnesses

Though you hope to never have an accident and you take all precautions to avoid one, a significant part of your responsibility as a driver is knowing how to respond if one occurs.