The most dangerous jobs for Connecticut workers

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There are a lot of dangerous jobs in the United States. However, some are significantly more dangerous than others. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the sectors of trade, transportation and utilities, and education and health services account for more than half of private occupational injuries in Connecticut.

Workers need to know the risks of their occupation. Continue reading to learn more about the most dangerous jobs and how injuries commonly occur in Connecticut.

Commercial truck drivers

Commercial drivers consistently rank among the highest injury rates. Connecticut trade, transportation and utility workers suffer 3.5 accidents per 100 workers. Most accidents occur from motor vehicle crashes, but the occupation involves heavy lifting and the potential for repetitive stress trauma.


Logging workers have one of the highest fatality rates of all occupations. With this comes a high potential for injury. The earning possibilities for logging in Connecticut are significant but be aware of the risks before you try to start your private practice.


Though not as high of an injury rate, many people work in construction, meaning hundreds of construction workers receive a disabling injury yearly. According to the BLS, the injury rate for construction workers is around 2.7 per 100 laborers. It is not as dangerous as logging, but significantly more people have jobs related to the construction industry.

Dangerous jobs require proper levels of compensation. If you work in one of the occupations described above, double-check your employer’s worker’s compensation policy. Even if they provide worker’s compensation, you might not feel comfortable with the extent of their coverage.