What is an overuse injury?

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Pain that comes on suddenly may not lead you to believe your job is the cause. However, some professions lend themselves to overuse or repetitive injuries.

The damage to the body caused by performing the same tasks daily for long periods of time may become significant. Wear and tear on ligaments and joints, in particular, may result in daily discomfort. In some instances, the damage requires surgery to correct. If your job requires you to perform repeated motions, you may want to learn more about the resulting injuries.

Carpal tunnel syndrome

Professions that rely on heavy use of the hands may put pressure on the ligaments in the wrists and forearms. This may result in pressure on the nerve that runs down the arm and into the wrist. Carpal tunnel syndrome may begin as dull pain or discomfort in the hands and wrists. You may feel your fingers tingle or wake up with numb arms. Those who work in jobs that require heavy typing, the continual use of power tools or intricate assembly work are more prone to develop carpal tunnel syndrome.


The body’s joints are integral for flexibility and movement. When you regularly use one or more of your joints for work, the fluid sac that cushions them from friction may wear. Bursitis is a medical condition that develops due to one or more bursa sacs becoming inflamed due to constant use. The most common joints that experience bursitis are the elbow, hip, shoulder and knee joints.

Repetitive injuries require medical intervention. The longer you wait to get help, the more permanent damage you may experience.