Most common types of workplace injuries

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Workplace injuries can happen in any industry and at any location. While some professions are much more dangerous and some workers are more likely to get hurt on the job, anyone can suffer an injury while performing the duties of their job.

Here are the most common types of workplace injuries.

Slips, trips and falls

Most of us have tripped or slipped at one time or another. These are common incidents, but these little mishaps can turn into serious accidents. Spilled liquids and objects on the floor can easily cause you to take a tumble. Workers who must traverse multiple levels are at risk of falling from an elevated height, which is especially dangerous and sometimes fatal.

Repetitive strain injury

Doing the same thing over and over again can be strenuous on your body. Spending long periods in one position can also lead to this type of injury. Factory workers, administrative professionals, athletes and truck drivers are all at high risk of developing a repetitive strain injury from their job.


It is common for dedicated employees to give their all to the work they do, but this can sometimes lead to injuries from overexertion. Strains, sprains and tears in muscles, tendons and ligaments can mean you will be out of work while your body recovers. Even with the proper safety precautions and behaviors, these injuries can occur while you are on the clock.

Workplace injuries can happen to even the most careful employees, but knowing the risks may help you avoid getting hurt in the future.