Is there a deadline for filing a workers’ comp claim in Connecticut?

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Connecticut provides critical legal protections for its workers. According to the official state website, state agencies cannot deny their employees from filing a claim. In addition, businesses must carry worker’s compensation insurance if they employ at least one employee, according to

However, you also must be aware of the limitations imposed on filing claims. For example, workers’ comp claims have a statute of limitations. To learn more about these deadlines, continue reading below.

Physical injuries

If you sustain an injury at work, you only have one year to file a claim. Remember, you have legal protections that guarantee your right to file a claim. Do not let neglect or guilt prevent you from receiving the support you need. The workers’ compensation system in Connecticut is a no-fault form of insurance. This means even if you believe the accident was your fault, you still have a right to compensation.

Chronic illness

Employees who believe they contracted a disease or illness from their work have more time to file a claim. In Connecticut, you have three years from the first signs of your symptoms.

Keep in mind that you benefit from filing as soon as possible for injury and illness contracted from work. Even though you have one or three years to report the damage, delaying may endanger your chances of receiving compensation.

Workers who sustained injuries at their place of work need to understand their rights and file a claim right away. Do not let your boss or overseer convince you to neglect your dues.