The Difference Between Permanent Partial And Temporary Partial Disability


Following a work-related injury, you may have many questions about the benefits you are entitled to under Connecticut workers’ compensation laws. Well, the short answer is, it depends.

In fact, your benefits may vary significantly depending on how your injury is classified – making it extremely important to understand the distinctions between these classifications. For instance, your benefits may be different if your injury is considered a temporary partial disability versus a permanent partial disability.

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Temporary Partial Disability Benefits

Many injured employees are told that they can perform light duty work while they are recovering. This means that even if you cannot perform the tasks associated with your regular job, you may be able to do a milder form of work until you fully heal. Temporary partial disability (TPD) benefits are intended to cover this period of recovery.

To qualify for TPD benefits in Connecticut, you must at least be seeking light duty work. In some cases, your employer may have an open position that meets your needs. In other cases, you may have to apply elsewhere.

If you reach maximum medical improvement and still cannot return to your previous job, you may be eligible for permanent partial disability.

Permanent Partial Disability Benefits

Permanent partial disability (PPD) benefits in Connecticut are awarded when an employee experiences permanent bodily damage in a job-related accident or due to repetitive trauma.

PPD is typically paid out weekly, and the money is intended to compensate you for your physical loss. The amount you receive will depend upon your physician’s assessment, American Medical Association guidelines and workers’ compensation law in this state. Our Bridgeport permanent disability attorneys can help ensure that you receive maximum compensation.

Learn More About Temporary Partial Disability And Permanent Partial Disability

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