Can I Pick My Own Doctor When Treating A Work-Related Injury?

If you ever suffer a work-related injury, you may find yourself wondering, “Can I pick my own doctor for treatment, or do I have to use the one selected by my employer?

The answer to this question is quite simple: Under Connecticut workers’ compensation law, you have the right to choose your own treating physician. In fact, while your employer can send you to a certain medical facility for immediate care after a serious injury, he or she cannot force you to continue treatment at that facility.

If your employer has a medical care plan or preferred provider organization (PPO) plan approved by the Workers’ Compensation Commission, you may choose your treating physician from that network or list of physicians. Otherwise, you may choose any qualified physician. In either case, however, your medical costs will be covered.

Your choice in physician is an important one, especially since it can be difficult to change once you have made your selection. Typically, there are only a handful of situations in which you can switch doctors, including when:

  • The insurance company allows you to switch doctors.
  • The Workers’ Compensation Commission authorizes you to change doctors after you have shown there is a good reason for such a change.

In the end, the one thing to remember is you have a choice. While many insurance adjusters would prefer to send you to a doctor who is known to be sympathetic to employers ― and not you, the injured employee ― you can do what you want. However, the workers’ comp system can be complex, which is why it is often best to contact an experienced lawyer to learn all of the benefits that may be available.

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