Who Pays My Medical Bills If I Am Injured At Work?

So long as you meet the eligibility requirements, Connecticut workers’ compensation should pay for 100 percent of your injury-related medical bills following a workplace injury. These expenses may include doctor visits, hospitalizations, surgeries, physical therapy, prescription meds and more.

At D’Agosto & Howe, LLC, we understand how frightening a workplace accident can be. In many cases, you are left unable to work and facing significant long-term medical rehabilitation. Fortunately, you do have many benefits available under Connecticut workers’ comp law.

Let our Bridgeport medical benefits attorneys answer your legal questions and help you get the medical benefits you need. We can explain:

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Maximum Medical Improvement (MMI)

Maximum medical improvement (MMI) is a term you will hear often in a workers’ compensation case. When you reach MMI, it simply means that your treating physician believes your condition is unlikely to improve any further.

Our Connecticut law firm can guide you through the issues surrounding MMI. Once you have reached the limit of your improvement, we can also help you seek permanent partial disability benefits, Social Security Disability benefits or other long-term benefits.