What If I Have Lost Wages/Loss Of Pay?

Suffering a workplace injury can be a nightmare, particularly if your injury leaves you unable to work and with no paycheck.

Fortunately, Connecticut workers’ compensation laws provide benefits that cover a percentage of your lost wages. If you have questions about these laws, the experienced lawyers at D’Agosto & Howe, LLC, can provide you with easy to understand answers.

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How Are Benefits Determined?

While there are several benefits available under Connecticut workers’ comp laws – including coverage for medical expenses and reimbursement for mileage, just to name a few – wage replacement benefits are largely based upon your existing salary and the extent of your injuries. For instance:

  • Temporary total disability: If your work-related injury leaves you completely unable to work while you recover, you are entitled to weekly compensation of 75 percent of your after-tax average weekly earnings at the time of your injury. These benefits can continue for up to 52 weeks.
  • Temporary partial disability: If, following your injury, you can do some work, but not the same type of work or for the same hours as before the injury, you can still get wage replacement benefits. The benefits equal 75 percent of the after-tax difference between what you are earning now in your limited capacity and what you were earning at the time of your injury.
  • Permanent partial disability: If your work injury leaves you with a permanent, but partial loss of the use of a body part, you may be eligible to benefits based on your average rate of compensation, the body part injured and your doctor’s percentage disability rating of that body part.

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