Valuing A Workers’ Comp Case

Settlement Amounts Are Not Determined By A Simple Formula

Many people have the misconception that valuing a Connecticut workers’ compensation case is a simple matter of plugging numbers into a set formula. This is not true. Determining the worth of a case depends on a host of variables, including how the injured worker’s earning ability will be affected, any medical issues that are likely to arise over time and more.

At D’Agosto & Howe, LLC, we believe that obtaining a fair settlement amount requires an attorney with particular knowledge of workers’ compensation law, the persistence to seek the best outcome possible, and the aggressiveness to stand up to the insurance companies.

Attorney Steven G. Howe spent 11 years defending insurance companies in these types of claims, and now he brings his skill and experience to the aid of injured workers. He knows all the major players involved in insurance claims, and he knows how to work with the adjusters to ensure that his clients receive the benefits they deserve.

Factors To Take Into Consideration

The value of a particular workers’ compensation case can vary depending on many factors. Here are just a few of the factors that can affect a settlement:

  • The severity of the work-related injury
  • The specific body part that was injured
  • The amount you have already received in benefits
  • The amount of money you previously earned at your job
  • The types of jobs you are now able to perform
  • How much medical care you will require in the future
  • Whether your condition is likely to improve or deteriorate over time
  • Your age and education

At the time of settlement, it is important to make sure your case is medically positioned in a way that will help ensure maximum financial recovery. You only get one chance to obtain the amount you need, so choose an experienced lawyer.

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